Flávia Vitória´s Profile

By Vivian Goldmann

She looks at the world through lenses. Filters times and perpetuates emotions. She’s Flavia Victoria.

Psychologist academic training, but the soul of photographer. He learned the trade from his father who had this hobby and toys that was the only child that instead of having eggs, find movies in the refrigerator of your home. Hence was born the passion turned profession.

He started his career for more than fifteen years in the Jornal da Tarde and migrated to the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo, the Persona column next to Cesar Giobbi, which recorded the social life of the city of São Paulo.

Since then she launched her career photographing weddings, 15th birthday parties, family albums, bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah. His pleasure is to work with excitement and joy of the people to perpetuate their great moments.

No wonder it has a unique patience to treat every single photo as showing that his gaze captures expressions and the human side of each client.

The photographer offers, and your clicks, the making of albums and custom books.